Peakform Suprafine XL


– Hot dipped galvanized coating inhibits red rusting better than electrogalvanized, painted or tin plated systems.

– System is engineered and designed to fit and provide a finish to coordinate with Armstrong Ceilings.

– PeakForm patented main beam profile for installation with Suprafine XL stab-end cross tees.

– The PeakForm bulb design increases strength and stability for improved performance.

– Superlock main beam clip engineered for a strong, secure connection and fast accurate alignment confirmed with an audible click.

– Easy to cut thanks to the PeakForm bulb design.

– Rotary stitched for additional torsional strength and extra stability during installation.

– Slots at 100mm centers for more flexibility. (3600mm long main beam)

– Easy to remove and relocate.

– Faster and easier insertion/installation of XL cross tees.

– Tighter tee to tee connection.

– It has better load carrying capability.